Saturday, January 13, 2007

Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are GREAT!

Cool hardware things are my hobby, but my real work currently is software. As I have this blog mostly for fun (you may never know when your hobby can turn into your job, but currently software is my primary occupation), I'm going to write short about software :)

I've evaluated both Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 and must say that they are great. A very significant advance. They will become a standard soon, but today they look like software of the future. I've never said anything THAT good about Microsoft Office - I wish all previous versions of it to be forgotten by the humanity as soon as possible.

But I have a warning for you! Windows Vista needs 1 GB of RAM, not less (but thankfully, not more, for most normal users). Installing it on a 512 MB system is a bad idea, even without the "premium" features. If you are getting a new system, make sure it has at least 1 GB of RAM, even if it comes with the XP OS (you know, now they also give upgrade coupons to get Vista for almost free when it's released, and even if they didn't, you will want to install Vista anyway, because it's a much better OS that XP). If you have an old 512 MB system that can't be upgraded to 1 GB, leave it with XP. I don't want to bother to explain why, I hope you just believe my expert opinion. But hey! If you do have 1 GB of RAM, don't miss the opportunity to start enjoying Vista as soon as it's out! It's GREAT!

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