Friday, January 12, 2007

Few words about this blog, plus some good AVCHD news

Some may ask, why haven't I written anything to this blog for the whole month? There are two main reasons. First, when a blog is created, by default no one reads it. What's the sense of writing something that no one reads? The blog needed some time to gain a RSS subscriber base. Second, for some time I was busy, then on holidays, then busy again trying to caching up everything after the holidays... Now I'm getting back to my normal track.

I wrote about RSS subscribers in the paragraph above. Yeah, this blog is best read via RSS. This is because I prefer to write not when it's needed to write something, but when there is something to write about. Pure information and no garbage, in short. No time wasting. Just subscribe to the RSS feed and forget about it, and it will automatically come up when I have something to say.

Pictured on the left is the new AVCHD camera by Sony. Of course, you know about it, 'cause you read Engadget, I know. I want to note that the release of two new AVCHD models is a big (even better than expected!) step towards the establishment of this great new format that will change the word (the word of home video, of course). For the first time, and very soon after the initial introduction of the format, you will be able to buy an AVCHD camera for no more than $1000 (I mean the 8 cm DVD-R-based HDR-UX5).

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