Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A nice quote from Wikipedia "Deinterlacing" article

When googling in an attempt to find a good motion-compensated deinterlacing filter for VirtualDub (looks like it doesn't exist so far), I accidentally found a nice paragraph at the Deinterlacing article of Wikipedia. It's some kind of a short and very essential version of my previous post that explains why 720p is not worse than 720p (contrary to the popular belief):

The fact that interlaced video requires the necessarily imperfect process of deinterlacing casts doubt on the wisdom of the choice of 1080i (interlaced) as a standard in television and video (along with 720p (progressive)) in the opinion of many experts. The EBU European Broadcasting Union has argued against the use of interlaced video in production, recommending the use of 1080p/50fps (frames per second) as a future production standard for easier conversion to other formats [1].

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