Monday, November 27, 2006

HDTV is the Hot Topic

This blog is certainly not only about high tefinition video, I'm going to write about any interesting gadget-related topics, but it looks like today HD is the hottest topic. I remember that when I read an archive of a 19th century technology magazine (yes, they had technology magazines in 19th century!), the they devoted most of the attention to telegraph. Can you imagine, telegraph was the coolest gadget of that time! Speaking of the present age, previous hot topics were about thing like mobile phones, digital cameras, DVDs, MP3 players and other things like that. What will be next? We'll see.

Also, HD video is currently a challenge for virtually all aspects of digital technology: processing power (not all modern computers can even play HD video at 60 FPS), display, internet bandwidth (to distribute those heavy HD clips over the Internet), digital video cameras, storage (all that Blu-Ray & HD DVD stuff), software. And that's why it's interesting - it wouldn't be interesting it it had no challenge.

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